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If you love parrots, please visit the National Parrot Sanctuary:


Parrots are extremely intelligent, comparable to a young child in their need for stimulation and company. It is wholly unacceptable to purchase a parrot and keep it in a cage for prolonged periods, no matter the size.

The cage should be considered a place of refuge for eating and sleeping, and for the majority of the day it should be left open. Daily interaction with a variety of people and animals is essential to ensure a well-socialised and friendly bird, and reduce the risk of behavioural problems.

Parrots should never be bought on impulse, only after careful consideration and research. Remember, they are a 25-70 year commitment!

You will always find parrots for sale on the internet at low prices -  there is usually a reason for this, typically related to behavioural or other problems.

Sorry, we are no longer able to offer a boarding service for parrots.

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