Cat vaccines

Deepdale Vet Centre is proud to be a "Purevax Practice". As part of our commitment to excellence, we only use non-adjuvanted Purevax cat vaccines to reduce the risk of injection site reactions.

Cats are routinely vaccinated against herpesvirus, calicivirus, panleukopaenia virus and feline leukaemia virus with tailored protocols. We generally do not suggest continuing FeLV vaccination beyond 9 years of age based on a risk:benefit analysis.



Dog vaccines

We do NOT use Lepto 4 vaccine routinely, however we keep some in stock for use on request in exceptional circumstances.

We continue to recommend the annual use of Lepto 2 vaccine for protection against the strains of leptospirosis most likely to be encountered by dogs in the UK. This is based on the long safety and efficacy record for Lepto 2 vaccine.

Vaccination against the viral diseases of dogs (distemper, hepatitis and parvo) is generally on a tri-annual basis after initial primary vaccination and booster.



Rabbit vaccines

We offer annual rabbit vaccination against myxomatosis, viral haemorrhagic disease type-1 and Type-2 (new variant).



Ferret vaccine

There is no licensed vaccination for ferrets or polecats, however we can vaccinate your ferret against canine distemper virus (CDV) with an appropriate dose of dog vaccine, should you want the added reassurance of CDV protection.



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