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Local Covid-19 Information

The latest from your veterinary practice

Local Covid-19 Information

The latest from your veterinary practice

Dear Clients of Deepdale,

Firstly… dog and cat and ferret coronaviruses are unrelated to the human disease, please ignore all reports to the contrary. It seems probable that the virus may be physically carried on the coat of a pet from an infected person, please bear this in mind when visiting elderly or other at risk groups.

We are open for business by appointment only. We would encourage you to email us where possible (including photos but not video please), regarding queries and repeat prescriptions

Medication should also be ordered in this fashion, but can be collected as usual from the surgery subject to 48 hour notice. We are not experiencing significant shortages but random items occasionally take an extra few days.

Vaccinations: Puppies/kittens and first boosters are a priority, older vaccinated pets will not be at significant additional risk if they wait an extra month or two.

Neutering operations are being performed, but we may need a little more advance notice due to the current workload.

Deepdale has always maintained the highest levels of hygiene and control of animal-human disease, and though a serious infection for an unfortunate few, coronaviruses do not present any greater resistance to our usual cleaning regimes.

Please continue to exercise your dogs and allow cats outdoors as normal.

If you cannot wear a face shield/mask, or are experiencing symptoms or in self-isolation or ultra-shielding and your pet needs treatment, you must inform us in advance - do not enter the lobby or reception areas. Please allow a family member or friend to bring them in. If this is not possible then we can meet you outside our entrance to receive your pet, or under controlled circumstances we may be able to arrange a home (or garden) visit.

This advice is correct as of 8th January 2021 and is for the benefit of Deepdale clients only. We are not responsible for clipped or forwarded sections of the advice to others.

Charles Cullen  BVetMed MRCVS

Clinical Director